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I'm adding a category to my "labels" list.

Healthy Living

I know, I know.  There are so many recipe and diet and food blogs out there.  This is not one of them!  This blog is simply a taste (pardon the pun!) of my own journey through life as I live it.  It is evident that eating and living in a healthier way is becoming more a part of the life I'm living.

As with almost everything in my life, I have to write about it to internalize and truly make it a part of me.  So, blogging about my food and health discoveries will be added (including recipes!).

Currently, I have been not eating sugar or white flour for two weeks.  Well, okay, I did have a piece of cheesecake at Bunco the other night.  But, I figure one night a month won't be detrimental.  Oh, and I did eat some pasta last night -- - but it really didn't make me feel so great, so I think that's out for me now, too.   For the most part though, I have been doing great!

What I am not doing is:  going gluten free or dairy free (except no cow's milk). And I'm not even doing "fake sugar."  Honey will be my sweetener of choice.

This week I have been craving ice cream so bad.  I think I'll learn how to make some in the VitaMix or something.  And I think dinner is going to be the biggest deal.  For now I'm just sticking to what we've always eaten and working on changing my breakfast and lunch menus first.  Dinners are HARD.

Anyway, long story short....

I'm adding a new element to the blog.  So, if you're interested....stay tuned.   :-)



  1. I've seen recipes where you whip up a frozen banana in your blender and add just a little cocoa powder and it's like ice cream (they say). Your pancake looks great!

  2. I came to comment on the frozen banana "ice cream" myself! We tried it just 2 nights ago. We put three frozen bananas in the food processor and turned it on. I had to scrape it down occasionally as some of the bigger chunks weren't breaking up. I added some peanut butter and cocoa powder and a splash of vanilla. The vanilla didn't mix in very well. Another variation calls for adding a little almond milk to help get the consistency you want. If you like bananas, you'll like it! Mix in whatever you want.


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