Saying Good-Bye

I'm interrupting my usual Joyful Mondays post to say a bitter-sweet farewell.

Good-bye to OREOS

Good-bye to Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Good-bye to Dove chocolates.

Good-bye to Twizzlers.

Good-bye to breakfast cereals (oh! my favorite!).

Good-bye to cow's milk.

Good-bye to processed bread in the store.

Good-bye to homebaked cookies & desserts (oh, no....layered cookie bars!)


I'm doing it.  I'm cutting them out.  My first step to my new lifestyle.
A couple of my kids are joining me (so they say).

Wish me luck!!


  1. Woah! I wish you well in your efforts! You'll have to start posting good food recipes now. =)

  2. Good luck! I find the first three to four days are the hardest. I have to have a plan for what to eat when I get the munchies. You can do it!

  3. Wow. Good luck! Will you allow yourself home-baked bread? What are you going to eat for breakfast? I'm not ready to give up homemade goodies, but I'm always willing to try newer healthier options, and we could certainly do with less breakfast cereal around here!

  4. Andrea- cows milk is loaded with sugar. If I could get fresh & it were legal I'd do that. Oh, to live on a farm!!

    As for breakfast...I was just making up a menu to post eventually...
    Greek yogurt, fruit, eggs, Bacon (for now), boiled wheat with honey and almond milk, a sugar free wheat pancake recipe I have, etc. Cereal is one thing I am so sad to give up. It's like my comfort food....that and ice cream.

    Yes, I will be learning to make homemade wheat bread. I am so bad at breadmaking, though, it may take awhile.



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