Celebrating Fathers

The Father of My Children
Father's Day is coming up...in case you forgot or didn't know.  :-)

Do you think Mother's Day gets more attention than Father's Day?  Sometimes I feel we make a huge deal about Mother's Day and then Father's Day just kind of comes and goes.  What do you do to make Father's Day special for your husband and/or father?

This year we're going to be with my hubby's family for a marriage sealing. This might make it trickier for giving my hubby all the honors that day.  Still, I think I got him the perfect gifts this year.

Which brings up another question.  It is so hard to pick out gifts for my husband.  Do you have a hard time, too?  Usually he wants some electronic doo-hickey that I cannot purchase for him because he has particular details or he can find better deals than me on that sort of stuff.  I could get him a gift card, but then that limits where he can buy the things he wants.  So, anyway, it's usually difficult for me and I feel like I don't always please him with my choices.  But this year I think it will be good.

Anyway . . .

I was just having a conversation last night about how many shows out today make men and boys out to be stupid, silly, unmotivated, irresponsible, and unintelligent.  Girls and women are all-powerful, smart, the responsible party in the couple, and more.


Husbands and fathers have an inner need to provide for their family.  It's not just a silly tradition, I think they are born with this desire.  Thus, they like the war movies and the superhero movies because they want to be that guy!  Just as ladies tend to gravitate toward the relationship movies (a.k.a chick flicks)...because those movies tend to fulfill our nurturing tendencies.   I'm not saying we need to helpless so our guys do everything for us.  Just as we mothers/wives feel underappreciated sometimes ( a lot), these men in our lives feel the same.

My mom once taught me, "Give your husband the three As:  Affection, Appreciation and Applause."  When we do that it comes back to us tenfold.

So, this weekend, let's do just that.  Let's build them up and give them the honors they deserve!  Actually, let's do this even beyond this weekend and try to be better wives who simply love their husbands!


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