Supporting our Men

My handsome Man!
I know, I've talked about fathers, marriage and men a little much lately, but we had another fabulous Relief Society lesson again.  Two weeks in a row!  We were having a beautiful discussion on how women can support their husbands in the priesthood.  There were just comments made and quotes read that changed my perspective a little bit.

I have never been one to question why women don't hold the priesthood.  I have been blessed with great faith that Heavenly Father knows what He is doing and figured He's in charge.  I know it's a question many women do have both in the past and also more recently.  I feel the adversary is bringing about more questions in our minds leading us to doubt our place as women in the Church.

In our culture, we have a phrase we like to say, "The men hold the priesthood, but it is for everyone."  What does that really mean?  It's almost like we say it just to appease those who do struggle with this question.  But in my studies this week and during the lesson I realized just how true that statement really is.  We each have access to the power of God.  We even define the priesthood as the authority to act in God's name.  Do we not all have that power?  Yes, men are ordained with the authority to perform the ordinances, but do women not have the ability to access God's power in our lives as well through prayer and personal revelation?

Elder Ballard stated that just as a man and woman are needed for procreation, so are man and woman needed for the priesthood to have full power in our lives.  Women are a necessary link to their husbands being able to use their priesthood authority!   This is where I had a spark come into my mind.

Oftentimes it is the woman or the child asking their husband/father/priesthood holder for a blessing.  In the Worldwide Leadership Training on Priesthood in the home, I appreciated the statement fathers don't need to wait to be approached to give a blessing.  Outside the home it is appropriate to be asked first, but inside the home it is within their stewardship to offer a blessing when they see the need.

During the lesson I had a huge epiphany.  Oftentimes I'm paying attention to when I need a blessing.  What if I, as the wife, were more aware of the needs of my husband so that when I saw him struggling I could ask him for a blessing so he could receive that spiritual power through the giving of it?  Is that one way I can support my husband, a way I can help him to unlock the power of the priesthood in his own life?

Another sister commented, too, that we women tend to "run the show" when it comes to the home (and we see in modern television just how dumb dads are made out to be).  So, sometimes supporting them in their role is as simple as letting them lead.  For example, saying, "Dinner's ready."  That's it.  Let him call the family to the dinner table.  I know.  Simple, right?

The lesson was just so stirring, I wanted to rush home and start supporting my husband more than I already do and in ways I wouldn't have even considered before.  I guess this is another "letting go" lesson for me from the Lord.

God has freely given His power to those who accept and honor His priesthood, which leads to the promised blessings of immortality and eternal life.
 - - Elder Russell M. Ballard - - 


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