Smiling Ethan

It's Birthday Time again at our house before we take a summer breather!

E is SIX!!! 
This is always a big age for me because it's closer to being a big kid than a toddler.  

 This kid has been smiles from the beginning.  
Huge dimples add to his precious photogenic face.  

"Oh!  I just love writing my letters!" - - his most recent exclamation about his  learning

He has been our first "real boy."  When I had just two kids, a boy and then a girl, I heard so much about how rough and busy boys are and how much easier girls are to raise (when younger).  I would laugh and say, "Not in our family!"   Since having E around I totally know what they were talking about!

Even last week we had to go to instant care for a cut above his left eye....he already has a scar over his right eye.

Last summer I looked out the window just in time to see him with our Little Tykes slide on our deck, his arms stretched out ready to jump for the branch of our walnut tree several feet away.

And you know those garden stake, the long green metal ones?  Well, he decided to take one of those things with him on that same Little Tykes slide.  The stake caught on a rock and grazed the side of E's chin.  One inch to the left and he'd have impaled himself.

E is not really the fearless type, so to speak, but he does have that boyish curiosity constantly stirring in his brain.  He is fun and just a pure joy to have around!

Happy Birthday, E!


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