Last week of July

I cannot believe we're entering August already!  This summer has been eventful, fairly productive and unstructured.  I'm starting to itch for a more predictable schedule...but not quite there yet!  These last few weeks of summer I hope to make great.

So, this week here are a few ideas to say good-bye to July with a bang:

Monday, July 29th:  Lasagna Day
Make a yummy lasagna for dinner and then watch a few episodes of Garfield (because lasagna was his favorite meal, you know).

Tuesday, July 30th:  Cheesecake Day & Father-in-Law Day
Kill two birds with one stone by celebrating this day!  If your father-in-law lives nearby, take him a cheesecake and show him some appreciation.

Thursday, August 1st:  Spiderman Day
Make it a movie marathon day and watch the Spiderman trilogy.  For younger kids, just find the cartoon episodes and watch those for a little bit.  You can also make these really fun spider pops and treats to celebrate. 

Saturday, August 3rd:  Watermelon Day
Get a seeded watermelon (yes, they still sell them) and have a seed spitting contest.   Then find Peter Spit a Seed at Sue to read with the kids.

Enjoy your last week of July!!


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