Mental Motherhood

I just went to my husband and said, "I'm having a 'feel like a bad mommy morning.'"

He responded, "You just have to remember that being a mom is like being an athlete;  it's 70% effort and 30% mental."

I laughed.

It's true.

Once you start feeling like a bad mom, then you start acting like a bad mom.  At least, for me when I think I'm messing up I get more controlling (as if that will fix anything).

So, the trick is to always think you're a great mom and then you'll act like a great mom!  :-)

I watched a movie with my kids  yesterday and heard the line, "Be the father you always wished your dad was."  Well, I had a pretty great mom and so have a good example to follow.  But with that example I also have my own ideal of what I look like a great mom.  If I could visualize that greatness and keep that image in my head throughout the day then maybe I'll act more the ideal part.

Maybe that's what it means to "always remember Him."  If we could visualize what the Savior was like, imagine the stories as a reality in our own lives, and keep those images in our minds throughout the day I can just imagine how we would act.

I guess that's what being spiritually minded is all about after all.

" be spiritually minded is life eternal..."
2 Ne. 9:39


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