I like to plan and have big dreams and ideas.  That doesn't mean I actually do all of it.  Sometimes it takes getting another person involved to really follow through with one of my grand ideas.

So I did!

Earlier this month my hubby was out of town for TEN DAYS.  It was a long time.  So, I decided to take that opportunity to decorate our back porch (one of my grand ideas he was not terribly excited about, but I knew once it was done he'd love it).  This may not seem like such a big deal for some, but for me it's all a grand accomplishment!

Fortunately, I have great friends to give me even greater ideas and who help with the follow through.  Here's what it turned out to be...and yes, my hubby loves it!

On the far left side my hubby is going to build a sink and counter.
There will also be a built in bench right underneath the wall hangings here.

I found this wall hanging at a yard sale for a couple of buck and I used my newly learned flower arranging skills to fill it. 

I reupholstered the cushions...first time ever!  Took a little longer than expected, but I'm pleased with the finished result.
I spray painted this clock as well.  

This is where my amazing friend stepped in.  Abby helped me tile this table!  The base was free on the side of the road...the tile cost we won't mention.  :-) 

Now I just need to have a party!  :-)


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