The Kids Speak...

What we will miss the most about homeschooling:

JW (grade 8) - vacation time (having to do homework over vacation), no homework, "I'm never going to see David!  Or anyone else for that matter." 

B (grade 6) - "My sister!"  Also, vacation (same as JW) and free time.

A (grade 5) - not having as much time to play, Mommy's fun activities

JL (grade 3) - not being home all day, more computer time

E (grade K) - "Nothing!!"  :-)

What we are looking forward to for school:

JW - friends, sports, friends, using my binder, friends, and Spanish

B - making friends, having a new experience, playing the trumpet!

A - new friends, a desk!, using all my school supplies

JL - recess, meeting Miss Whitney (he just got a postcard in the mail from her yesterday)

E - "Going to school!!"  (Can you tell he's really excited?!?)

1 comment:

  1. I'm so excited for them and so glad they have great attitudes about change. You've taught them well and they will do awesome!


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