Today's the Day

Okay, so yesterday I wrote up a post to be ready to publish full of positive thoughts and with the attitude of a real champion.

But then I said good-bye....

This REALLTY HURTS!!  I honestly was not expecting this because I know this is right and will be great!  I know for most this is normal and no big deal. Eventually it will get that way for me, but today it really hurts. 

So, I'm going to allow myself one more day of grieving.
Then, I promise I will move on and get busy with other things!! 

And now for yesterday's thoughts....

Today I will cry when I feel like crying and rejoice when I feel like rejoicing. 

Today I will embrace the quiet moments and enjoy the three I will have sporadically throughout the day.

Today I will choose to look at the good and the blessings of this change in our lives.

Today I will welcome my kids home into a place of peace and refuge (with mint chocolate chip ice cream, of course!).

Today I will shed a few tears because that is who I am and how I deal with changes and the love of good things  (namely, my children).

Today I am grieving, but I am happy.  Because you can't really be upset when it's the Lord's plan! 

So, Dear John, Brooklynn, Addie, Joel and Ethan....though I will miss you tremendously, I am happy and comfortable with your leaving.  I will always be HERE, waiting and wondering what stories you'll have to share when you arrive once again into my arms!  I am so proud of you and love you each with so much love!  Each day I am in awe of the precious angels with whom I get to associate with, those whom Heavenly Father has entrusted into my care.  Be good and come home soon (and don't worry, I'll cry just as much when you return as I did when you left because of my joy). :-) 


  1. So sweet! Your kids look great and I hope their days are wonderful!


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