What I'll miss most

The Fall is coming closer (fall as in autumn, not fall like to destruction or something, though I'm feeling that, too).  No, I mean...School is going to start soon. I'm still sad about all that will occur on August 28th.  It's like your kids going to Kindergarten times 5 (+ more because of their ages). One more week!! 

I do have to say the one comment I've been least excited about has been, "Good! So you can get a break."  Break from what?  My kids?  I don't want them to think that's the reason for this change.  It will be nice to think about different things, but it is definitely do not think of it as a break in the sense that those well-meaning people intend that comment.  I am actually going to miss a lot of things about homeschooling....

THEM!  I love hearing them all day long.  Okay, maybe not the quarreling, but being surrounded by my children is my dream day. 

JW getting up to make breakfast & B baking bread.

Slow mornings.

The kids being surrounded by each other.  What better than to be influenced by your older siblings and for older kids to learn how to play with younger kids.  I'll miss their more frequent interaction.

D. having older siblings to be with all day.  Now he's really going to be spoiled!

Free babysitting.  As much as I've tried not to abuse having older kids at home...it will be tough with the little kids in tow everywhere I go.

Learning with my children.

Creating lesson plans (weird I know, but it really was one of my favorite parts about homeschooling).

As little or as much structure as we want.  Flexibility to just go when we want to go. 

Overall, we'll just miss what is comfortable and known to us.  This will be a drastic lifestyle change  and yet, we are excited about many things as well....

...to be continued....


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