What I'm Looking Forward to...

Also with August 28th comes a few perks.  Here's what I'm looking forward to:

Time with a few of the kids.  They will each leave and come back staggered throughout the day, so it will be fun to have that one on one time with each of them  (or 2x2). 

Watching individual relationships flourish between siblings.  JL and A walking to and from school together, B & E being home in the mornings together.


Writing time.

Quietness  (though this makes me a bit sad as well).


A clean house.  Having kids home all day makes cleaning an all day process sometimes. 

Welcoming my kids home after a hard day's work out in the world.  :-)

Navigating a whole new world for myself and my children.  This really is an adventure for us.  I love learning new things and having different experiences to broaden our minds and build character.

I'm anticipating how each child will take the experience.  How will they each grow individually?  I think these years we've had together has been a growing time for family relationships as a whole and has been a time for my own personal growth.  Now it's their turn.  Their turn to be on their own and explore more of who they really are.  I'm excited for that!

Tomorrow we'll see what the kids have to say....


  1. Have you always home schooled, or did the older kids start in public school? I'm so curious about why you guys made this decision this year. I read the post where you announced it, but did I miss one where you explained it? I appreciate so much your final paragraph in this post because I think it indicates a very selfless approach. As much as you obviously love having your kids home and all that home schooling has done for you and your family, you're willing to try something else to give everyone (and maybe esp your children) new experiences. Well done.

  2. Julia,

    I am feeling your pain right now. It is an interesting how the lord works. This is a great time of hastening and its awesome to be apart of it. Best wishes as you adapt to your new schedule and life. I kept telling my kids before school started this year for the first time for us that it was the first day of our new life. Our lives will never be the same again. While scary, I know that everything will be okay!

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I look forward to hearing about the things in your life now, the changes you make and the lessons you are learning.



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