Common Core: What's Your Take?

I'm not so excited about the Common Core Curriculum that has been pushed into our school system.  In short, my reasoning is simply that I think localized control of education is the best answer for the KIDS  (who should really be our #1 concern, not funding).  At first glance it just seems like a bunch of "normal" standards but overall it gives federal government too much control over what our children need to be learning.  It is simply a gateway, in my opinion, to pushing socialized agendas into our schools.  I'm still trying to read more about this and to learn more ways in which to combat the idea of a nationwide curriculum.  I'd love to hear your thoughts...pros and cons  (because I know there are some out there who are more savvy on this subject than I).

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Common Core:  Good Idea?


  1. I am all for kids learning the basics, but I think the teacher should have some say in the extra things that are brought into the class. If the teacher has a big interest in science or writing or some foreign country they have lived in, I'd LOVE for that to be a main part of the class and not just a teacher up there teaching like a video (which the government probably would like to do to save money--they'd say it's to save money anyway...)
    I do think it's good to have the basics the same though and when this common core thing started, that's what it was about, so that if a student moved from Washington DC to Alabama (or vice versa), they'd be learning the same things and be on grade level and not way above.
    It really is most important that the kids are learning and since I don't plan on moving, I like it the way it is.

  2. NaDell, the moving thing sounds good when people spin it but please consider that unless every teacher teaches the exact same thing on the exact same day children are still going to miss things or be a little ahead or a little behind. Most states already had similar standards so moving wasn't a huge issue unless you went from a wealthy area to a less wealthy are or vice-versa. The real indicators of success are still the same as they have always been: level of education of the mother and income of the father. Common Core is a nicely dressed up take-over of education by the federal government to put more money in the pocket of large corporations and to more effectively engineer public opinion.

  3. I'm just saying that that's how it was pitched at the beginning and now they are putting in all sorts of junk that "they" think our children should learn about.


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