Let's Talk Pirate!

Thursday, Sept. 19th, is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  
Let's celebrate together...

There are some great books about pirates out there!  I love these ones:


Pirates Don't Change Diapers by Melinda Long
image from cindyvallar.com




Use this book to start off a discussion on the history of pirates!  True or False??
image from tomlichtenheld.com
Discuss the 7 Most Terrifying Pirates in History!


Add some Great Pirate Math Worksheets  into your day!

Okay, I am totally going to do this with my little boys!  I'm so excited for them to watch their treasure chests explode!  I wonder if I could get some sort of candy or something to put in them?  I'll have to do some more research.

This would also be a good time for as Sink and Float unit.  Just fill a plastic bin with water and have the kids guess if different items will sink or float.

You can't be a pirate without a hat and sword!
Try this one to simultaneously celebrate felt hat day (the 15th).


Print off this hat template for the kids to decorate and make themselves!

Swords are easy with some cardboard and tin foil!

AND, finally... A simple pirate ship craft
image & idea from greenville.macaronikid.com

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