Free Book Giveaway!!

Spiritually Minded Motherhood just reached over 10,000 hits! 

To celebrate and to thank all of my friends, family and readers I have a gift!

Stephanie Dibb Sorensen, creator of Diapers and Divinity has graciously offered a copy of her new book, Covenant Motherhood to one of my lucky readers!

All you have to do is spread the word! 

TODAY or TOMORROW simply tell your friends about this site. Share it on Facebook, send an email, post it on Pinterest, share it any way you like!  

Post a comment telling me how you spread the word. 

FRIDAY, Sept. 27th  I will announce the lucky winner!

About the Book:

What time more than now do we need strong others raising a righteous army to prepare the way of the Lord?  This book is so timely and full of doctrine and principles that will sustain any family. I love how the author takes each characteristic of Christ and applies is to our role as mothers.  Through the humorous and simple stories she shares from her own life story as mother I learned that all mothers have the day to day struggles of life but can persevere through faith in the Savior.  This book is a must read for any mom.  I wish I'd had this when I was just starting out. 


  1. Woohoo!! Congratulations on hitting 10,000 hits, that's awesome. I haven't been to you site in awhile. Thanks for sending me the email/rss feed or whatever. I would love to win this book. We could all use a little inspiration for motherhood, couldn't we? That's what I said on facebook! Natalie

  2. I shared this on Facebook! LOVE your blog. =)

  3. I shared it on facebook! I love your blog! Sure miss you guys!!!

  4. I shared it on Facebook. Then I noticed that I am not friends with you OR Jay. When I do a search, I can't find your profiles. Help! Will you guys add me?

  5. I shared on Facebook. I hope you get a lot of followers-- we need more encouraging words in this world for mothers! Thanks for being a reminder of what a spectacular job mothering can be.

  6. Posted on Facebook, and when I get a chance I will definitely pin on Pinterest. Actually, I've done both those things in the past, but love to share your great site with people.

  7. I found your site through an old friend from college. Shared through email. Congrats on your success!


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