Today Addie is 11!!

As excited as she has been to have her birthday coming up, she also keeps repeating, "I don't want to be 11.  I like being 10!  I want to be 10 forever!"  Then she adds, "Well, I want to be 16, actually."  I remember ten being a very good and fun age.  16 was pretty cool, too. 

So, my A+ girl, let me tell you what these last 11 years have meant to me:

Growth.  Lots of growth!  :-)

Together we have learned to roll with the punches, communicate, eating a little chocolate once in awhile ain't gonna hurt, smiling changes everything, and it's okay to cry. 

You have brought into our lives a beautiful array of artwork unlike any other...both physically and in theory. 

You are a ray of sunshine in our home. 

Your nurturing spirit is evident in how you take care of your surroundings and your siblings. I hope you have those 15 children you so desire!!

Your attention to detail puts the rest of this family to shame!

We love you and hope you have a fabulous day! 


  1. Julia, LOVE LOVE your site. Maybe I'm just getting old and eye don't focus as well, but maybe consider a background that will show your print a bit better. The beautiful colors get washed out and makes them hard to read. Keep up the awesome work. You are an inspiration!!


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