Motherly Advice

"If you don't have children to give you pain, you don't have any to give you pleasure."

 - - Abigail Adams - - 

Timely advice for me while I struggle with my first (of six!) experience with the terrible twos!  A friend just told me, "It's like you're getting all six wrapped up into one child!"  Isn't he so dang cute, though!?!


  1. None of your other kids were crazy at 2? How about 3? I found that 3 is when they get attitude and it's actually more frustrating for me. Good luck!

  2. B was the terrible 0-7, but the actual 2' It could just be me. I used to just laugh at them at this age. But this one is exhausting! I still laugh, but it is exhausting!

  3. He is super cute. Can't believe he was only a baby when we saw you last. I too, have found three to be harder with certain children.


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