Sugar Free Halloween, part 2

A couple of days ago I talked about a sugar free Halloween.  Here is what I actually tried:

Peanut Butter Cups
These are delicious!!!  And so, so easy.  YUM!!  Really...they are perfectly delicious.  I could eat them all!

Again, yummy and so easy.  I adapted this one a little.  I didn't have a candy mold so I just used mini-muffin tins.  I also didn't have chocolate chips so instead just chopped up 1 1/2 100% cocoa chocolate bars.    I think for this one the chocolate was more bitter and could have used some honey.  Also, I'd suggest more caramel and less chocolate with each piece.  I ran out of chocolate and had lots of caramel left over. I LOVE the caramel.  You could just use the caramel sauce and not even add the chocolate for a delicious sweet treat.

Both of these are great substitutes for the sugar-filled versions.  They may seem a bit expensive (they are!) but I ended up spending less than I would have on regular candy (assuming I'd actually take a bag of candy per child to the trunk-or-treat).  Plus, the cost makes you not want to make them as often and eat them so much....they are that yummy!

Happy Halloween!!


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