Reptile Awareness Day

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Bill Nye the Science Guy talks reptiles
Compare and Contrast different reptiles using a venn diagram
Use the senses sheet to describe characteristics of reptiles

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Leave it to Eric Carle to provide us with a great selection of reptile books!  Try these:
The Greedy Python
The Mixed-Up Chameleon
The Foolish Tortoise
The Rabbit and the Turtle

Reptile Story:  make a list of reptile-related words, such as eggs, cold-blooded, scales, slither, tortoise, snake, dinosaur, etc.  Write these words on separate slips of paper and hide them around the room.  Create a story together by finding the words.   As each child finds a word have them add a sentence to the story.

Rep-TILES:  cut out small "tiles" from various colors of paper.  Use tiles for tactile graphing.  For instance, get a bag of skittles and have the kids graph how many there are if each color.  Tgese tiles coykd also be used to create mosaic artwork!

Then make Alligator Pie

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This us one of my kids' favorite games!  Match the snake parts.  Tge person who captures the mist snakes wins!

Then make these yarn wrapped snakes...
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