Joyful Mondays: LIPS

Saturday, March 16th, will be Lips Appreciation Day!!

What would life be like without lips?  Do you love your lips?   Here are some fun activities you can do to celebrate your LIPS!

Read Fox in Sox by Dr. Seuss.
 The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Capling
picture from

Write an acrostic poem about your

Explore and laugh with these  tongue twisters.

Math: Compare and Contrast each child's lips.  Are they thin or fat?  What color are they?  Are they soft or dry?  Are they short or long?

Science:  experiment with the sense of taste by having a tasting table.  Do your lips play a role in the tasting process? 

What would it be like to not have lips?  Tape their lips and have the kids try to communicate with one another.  What ways of communication do we have that don't require our lips?  Sign language and Morse Code would both be fun to try!

Study the anatomy of the lips.  Study some of the defects that can occur with lips (i.e. hairlips).

Music:  Get some recorders (at the dollar store) and have a recorder band.

Fun and Games:
Lipstick game:  Pair the children.  Accumulate several different colors of lipsticks.  One child is to apply the lipstick on the lips of their partner.  That chlid then kisses a 3x5 card.  Next they need to take the names of the lipstick colors and match them to the right color of lips.

Minute to Win it challenge:
Materials:  uncooked spaghetti noodles, 3 empty soda cans per team.
The goal:  To get the soda pop cans from one table to another.
How:  One player places the spaghetti noodle in their mouth.  He then tries to slide the spaghetti noodle through the hole of the soda can tab whereupon the other team mate places the other tip of the noodle in his mouth.  Together they try to carry the can to the other table.  If the spaghetti noodle breaks, get a new one and try again.  


  1. I think we need to have a lip party! These all sound like a lot of fun. Maybe next week's preschool will be all about lips.


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