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I had a strange epiphany the other day.

I was just doing the dishes, pondering on many things, when a thought occurred to me (probably more for me than anyone else).

Oftentimes we hear, especially among women, that we need to learn to say no.  We're so busy because we can't say no.  When we tell others we're busy the joking response is, "You haven't learned to say no yet, have you?"

Well, yes, I think it's true that sometimes we do say yes to more than necessary, but I don't think we have a problem with saying no because how many times do we say no to our children.

I had to think about this for a minute.  How many times do I say no to the kids when they ask me to play a game or read them a story or make them a snack or to sit and color with them or print out a coloring page for them or .....  you know how it goes.  The same women who have a "problem" saying no to the world do not seem to have a problem telling their children no multiple times a day.  And why am I saying NO to my children?  Usually it's because I've said yes to too many other things.

I remember reading Sister Hinckley's biography where she recounted how she had made a pact to herself to tell her children, "Yes" whenever possible.  Marjorie is my hero!  Whenever I feel the need to be a better mother, I read her book!  And I think I've forgotten that little step with raising my children.  My goal as a mother really should be to say YES whenever possible.

I'm not saying this just in the sense of playing Candyland 50 times in one day (a mother who does that has some boundary issues....a post topic for another day).  As mothers we need to say YES you can do it.  YES you are amazing.   YES I will spend time with you. YES I love you!

At the end of each day, may we be able to say yes to the questions:  "Have I done any good in the world today?  Have I helped anyone in need?'   - - Elder Russell M. Ballard, Oct. 2012


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