The Holy Week

Easter has for a long time been my most cherished holiday.  Maybe it's because of the sunshine of Spring or the fact that we've done away with most of the cultural traditions making it much more family and Christ-centered.  I have been pondering the last few days how I can make this week more special for the kids.  There are so many ideas online for how to make Easter more Christ-centered, so many it's overwhelming.  I think our family will just have a simple devotional each day in place of our typical family scripture study time.  As preparation for my own heart so that I may teach more fully with the spirit here are a couple of articles:
None Were With Him by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland  (one of my favorites!)
Reflections of the Savior's Last Week by Eric Huntsman

Monday: Triumphal Entry  (Mark 11:1-11)
Gospel Art Kit #223
Video: The Lord's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
Discussion topic:  Is there significance in the donkey? Is it significant that Mary rode a donkey while travelling with child at Jesus' birth?  How does this connect with His birth in a stable, laid in a manger?

Tuesday: Cleansing the Temple  (Mark 11:15-17)
Gospel Art Kit #224
 Discussion Topic:  We have learned that our bodies are a temple.  What can we do to cleanse our temple as did Jesus in His time? 
Activity:  Have a bowl of water and talk about how clean it is.  Talk about how we make many mistakes in our lives, sometimes even with great sin.  As you do so, sprinkle pepper in the center of the water.  Talk about how the pepper dirties the water.  Then, pour a drop or two of dishsoap over the pepper.  Watch what happens to the pepper and discuss the meaning of cleansing ourselves from sin.

**May also want to watch two other teachings of Jesus on this day.

Wednesday: The Last Supper & Washing the Disciples' Feet (Mark 14:12-26, John 13:4-15)
Gospel Art Kit #225 & #226
Video: The Last Supper
Discussion Topic: Based on the discussion from the night before, how can we use the sacrament in our lives?  What was Jesus teaching when He washed the disciples' feet? 

Thursday: The Garden of Gethsemane and the Betrayal (Matthew 26:36-57)
Gospel Art Kit #227 & #228
Video:  Christ in Gethsemane
Discussion:  After watching the video and reading the verses, simply ask the children if they have any questions.  Ask them what they think or believe about the Atonement in their lives.  Give them opporunity to bare testimony of the Savior. 
Friday: Peter's Denial, The Crucifixion and The Burial  (Mark 14)
Gospel Art Kit #229, 230, 231
Videos Peter's Denial, The Trial, The Crucifixion, The Burial
Discussion:  Why do you think Peter denied the Christ?  What do we do sometimes that might show we deny the Savior in our lives?  Why was it necessary for Jesus' death to be full of so much suffering?  

Saturday:  Christ in the Spirit World & The Americas  (3 Nephi 8)
Gospel Art Kit #316
Discussion:  Why did darkness signify the death of Christ? What is significant about the earth's destruction during the Crucifixion? 

Sunday: Christ Visiting Mary, The Empty Tomb (John 19:38-42; 20:10-18)
Gospel Art Kit #232 & #233
Videos: Resurrection of Jesus and  He is Risen
Discussion:  Again take time to bare testimony of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

In Conclusion watch None Were With Him


  1. I really appreciate what you've put together here: thanks so much for sharing your ideas.


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