Touch the Top of the World

I just finished a great book.  It is the autobiography of Erik Weihenmayer, a blind man who has climbed Mount Everest (and others).  His story is remarkable.  He believe that people focus more on their limitations (what they can see with their eyes) rather than on their possibilities.  His book was inspirational, his thoughts are motivational and who he is made me believe in my own visions for the future.

 "No one suffers the way one does on a mountain simply for a beautiful view.  A summit isn't just a place on a mountain.  A summit exists in our hearts and minds.  It is a tiny scrap of a dream made real, indesputable proff that our lives have meaning.  A summit is a symbol that with the force of our will and the power of our legs, our backs and our two hands, we can transform our lives into whatever we choose them to be, whatever our hands are strong enough to create."  --Erik Weihenmayer


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