Make that Change

It's time for me to make some drastic changes and I'm not sure I'm ready.   I've been warned (more than once) that I need to make changes in my diet and my lifestyle, but I have been so rebellious.  I've used all sorts of excuses to justify why I eat the way I do (which is no different than most Americans these days); excuses such as:

"My kids would totally rebel."

"It's easy for me to change but I'd have to get my kids to change, too.  I dont' want to put up the fight."

"I'm just not a chef, I don't like being in the kitchen more than I have to."

"I really don't eat that bad."  (really!?!?)

"All this food and diet stuff is just a fad right now and I do no want to jump on the trendy bandwagon."

See how easy for the adversary to "lull [us] away into carnal security...and...cheateth their souls, and leadeth [us] away carefully down to hell (2 Ne. 28:21)." 

That may sound a bit harsh, but in reality whenever we are not listening to the warnings or promptings we've been given and justify our way out of following counsel, we're choosing  be led down some other path.  It is MY choice what I do or don't do with my body.  It is then my responsibility to accept the consequences. The consequences at this point are that I cannot serve, I cannot take care of my family's needs.  If I continue down this "justified path" I am not looking at a very smooth path up ahead. 

So, this back injury is yet another call for me to treat my body with greater honor and respect.  It's a call for me to rise up and do better so that I can be an instrument in His hands and be a functioning grandmother when that day inevitably will come. 

Oh, how I pray for the strength and the desire to continue forward to truly making the change.  "Therefore, blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble."  (Alma 32:16)  I've been compelled and I don't want to be compelled again.'s to making the change!


  1. Good luck! Changes are hard, but good. It's so easy to justify nearly everything these days!

  2. I read this while polishing off a giant piece of chocolate cake. hee hee So, I wanna know: are you dropping carbs? Good luck with it all and feel better!


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