Another Reason to Celebrate

As if we didn't have enough birthdays already, today we celebrated the "birth" of OUR HOME.

Every year on June 1st we go to Denny's for breakfast to celebrate another year in our home.  We share stories about what happened in our home (or to our home) around the table and afterwards we have a special prayer over our home, blessing it for one more year (not at Denny's).  :-)

Seven Years ago....
A lot of things happened this year:
  •  We added another child
  • Our front  yard is starting to look better (except for one dying/dead? tree, sigh)
  • We got new windows in the front (for ventilation)
  • We made a lot of bedroom rearrangements this year
  • Toy room eliminated and new bookshelves built downstairs
  • New arrangement in the family room...which should have been done years ago!

So, this morning I had my kids take pictures of their favorite things around our home. 

This is what my 12 year old came up with...

Can you guess why?
The others weren't so stellar.  :-)  But A did want to commemorate our home's "birthmark" (an indentation of the bathroom wall caused by the door handle).   ????

So, seven years down...LOTS more to go!!

** Be sure to check out the "What's There to Celebrate" for June celebrations!


  1. I like #1's viewpoint. Your fridge is awesome. =)
    We are so glad you moved here and I love your tradition!


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