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Stop Two:  Quotes and Things

Growing up I happened to inherit the old master bedroom when my oldest sister graduated from high school.  Every handout I received in Young Women would be taped to the large, wall-sized mirror in that bathroom.  I had quite the collection.

Then, with the introduction of vinyl lettering, I kind of got away from taped quotes on the walls. Heck, I didn't want my house to "look bad"...right?!  

Well, recently  I was reminded by another blogging mom that it's still okay to tape quotes & scriptures up...without the glamour (and cost) of vinyl! 

Another secret - -  I'm really bad at memorizing things.  A great place for taping up those thoughts you'd like to memorize, tape them in your shower.  Yeah, they get wet and you have to re-tape them every once in ahwile, but it still works! 


  1. I was putting the articles of faith up in our bathroom across from the toilet for awhile, until they were just getting wrecked. I changed and put them on the wall outside the bathroom for the kid who is waiting to use our one bathroom instead.
    Nothing wrong with learning, whether it's 'pretty' or not. =)


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