Our Home, part 1

Part of becoming spiritually minded is creating an environment that is rich in love, learning and beauty.  I, for one, do not have a home that could be featured in a Better Homes and Garden magazine, nor do I plan on it being so.  However, I do feel there are some things that are essential in creating a home envirionment that is conducive to the spirit and leading us to SMILE every day.

In honor of our home's birthday last week, I would like to create a week-long series on Our Home: the things I love about our home and things we can do to more fully invite the feelings we want to create in our homes.  Each family has a distinct flavor.  Not only do the looks of our home show a part of who we are, but the feelings inside the home show just a portion of who are are trying to become...as a family. 

So, this week...catch a glimpse of the things we do to make our home a peaceful place and please share your own homes with me! 

FIRST STOP:  The Bathroom

It's true.  The bathroom in our home is one of my favorite places to use for inspiring my children (and myself!).  Where else do we spend so much time doing mindless acts...brushing teeth, using the facilities, in the shower, doing your hair/make up, etc.  These are precious minutes in which you can fill you mind with great thoughts and ideas!

Just a few weeks ago my daughter heard the scripture in church, "Choose ye out of the best books...." and proclaimed, "Hey, that's in our bathroom!"  She proceeded to tell me that she memorized it one day while she was in time out . . . . in the bathroom!! 

I love going into our main bathroom now (when it's clean, of course) because it just makes me feel happy! 


What do you have in your bathroom?


  1. I love your bathroom. I enjoy the great reading material whenever I visit. =)
    Your home is so peaceful and nice.


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