Living Your Dreams

Yesterday I was able to sit in the waiting area while my son had his piano lesson.  About a month ago he switched to this different teacher and already I've been amazed at my son's improvement.  As I listened in on the lesson I was completely awed by this teacher.  He didn't sit.  He stood and walked from one side of the piano to the other.  When he talked about triads, there was obvious enthusiasm in his voice (over triads?!?).  Then it struck me, "This man is living his dream!"

Today I took a few of my kids to a puppet show at the library.  A one-man show that was amazing!  I've wanted to put together family puppet shows before and tour around to share with others.  But we do not have the talent that this man has (yet, if ever!).  Again I was impressed that he, too, was living his dream!

And then again, as we were running some errands I happened to see a friend of mine the middle of teaching a class.  She has taught these summer classes for many years.  The topic?  Reading and Spelling.  Several years ago, while raising her own children, her daughter struggled with reading in school.  As any righteous mother would do, this friend of mine searched for answers which led to a program that helped her daughter.  Not wanting to stop there, she began offering these classes to help many, many other children and adults who struggle with reading and spelling.  I smiled to myself as I walked by thinking, "She is living her dream!"

We all have dreams.  Big. Small.  We have them.  What keeps us from living them!?  Fear?  Doubt?  Time? Energy?   Worry?  Even as a mother, my biggest dream since I was ten, I sometimes forget to LIVE it.

LIVE your dreams!  If you don't know what they are, start a list.  Randal Wright suggests making a 100 Goals List.  Just start writing things down...the big, the small and the crazy!  Even put down the seemingly unattainable dreams.

Then ask yourself, "What is stopping me from working on my dream today?"  It's amazing that as you start working on your dream, the Lord will meet you halfway...if not take over completely!

You can do it!
LIVE your dreams!


  1. Great thoughts. Reminds me of Sir Ken Robinson and his book about finding and following your passion. Also a brief TED talk online. Those sorts of things always make me nervous, though, as if I'm not doing enough. But I do think that sometimes you have to wait for the right season...I have some ideas for post-little phase.


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