Our Home, Part 4

I once remember hearing (though I can't find the exact quote anywhere) from one of the leaders of the Church (I believe it was David B. Haight) say:

"Every home needs a piano, good books, and love."

And so that is what I try to fill my home with the most. 

A Piano
There will always be music in our home. All sorts of it.  We like to put on the modern stuff during chores and the classical stuff for wind down time or on Sundays.  And, of course, I've always got to have a mix of 80's in there somewhere.  For reading:  How to Raise a Music Lover by Cheri Fuller

Also in our home each child is expected to play the piano...in some way and to some degree. It's just a part of being in the family.  :-)

Good Books
As most know, I love the classics and deem them as the "good books" mentioned in the quote.  We have books everywhere!  I was just admitting to a couple of friends that I usually have between 60-100 books checked out from the library as well.  I love books!


Well, we could use a little more of that around our house these days...but for the most part I think we do okay in this area.  :-)  How do we foster love in our home?  I think mostly we play, work and learn TOGETHER.  That's a huge part of it.  It's easy for large families to get lost in their own activities that we forget to spend time together.  Other times I've had the kids choose secret admirers amongst one another and for a week they do kind acts of service or give gifts.  It's fun.  Hmmmm...I think I'm going to simmer on this one some more, I need some fresh ideas here. 


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