Are You Watching?

The Olympics are on.  Constantly at our house. I have a son who has been obsessed with Guinness Books of World Records for a few years now.  He just found a book about Olympic records or something and has been studying it religiously.  Perfect timing for this time of year. I love the Olympics.

So, are you watching?  What  events are you most eager to watch?

Here are some great Olympic Activities you can do with your kids:

Geography:  Print off a world blackline map and have them place dots on the cities wherein the Summer Olympics have been held.  Write the year the games were held by each dot as well.  My kids really enjoyed doing this a couple of years ago.

Physical Education: Set up a mini-Olympics at your home.  Declare events:  fast dash racing, hula hooping, jump roping, throw a baseball, wrestling, etc.   You can even make medals by attaching lids to ribbon. I've even had my children choose a theme song so we could have them stand while we sing it if they win an event. 

Art/History:  Decorate your own flags.  Read about the symbols and history of our current Olympic Flag.  Have the kids choose symbols they would like to use for their Olympic Flag.

History:  For older kids, have them each choose a country that is represented in the Olympic games.  The child can read about their country and share with the rest of the family what they learned.  They can also find their country's flag and make a replica if desired.

For more amazing ideas see Kid Activites

Let the Games Begin!


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