Joyful Mondays!

Trying out a new format.   Instead of the "What to Celebrate" tab, I'm switching to make every Monday a joyful day.  I believe we can celebrate every day and following quirky holidays is one way to do that.  There will be activities you can use throughout the month, a new theme each day! 

National Blueberry Month

Field Trip:  Find a You Pick Blueberry Farm and have at it!

Language Arts  
Book - Blueberries for Sal

Plurals - change blueberry to blueberries
Word Wall - cut out a pie shape.  Fill it with blue circles.  Write on the circles...words that start with B, things that are blue, or words from the book.

Weigh the blueberries you just picked, change the measurements into metric measures.
Estimate how many blueberries will fit in a blueberry pie.  Make the pie.

Study the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. 

Hue Knew?
Candy Land

Blue Hawaii


ArtDeep Space Sparkle is a great website!  I just stumbled upon it.
You could also paint just with the different shades of blue and see how creative you can get!

Emotions:  What does it mean to feel "blue?"  How can we show compassion to those who are feeling blue?  How can we deal with feeling blue?


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