On the Other Side

We've all been there.

We walk into a room and think, "Now, why was I coming in here?" 

Then we leave only to remember a few minutes later why we had gone in there the first time and have to go back.

Elder Soares in his talk at the most recent general conference said,
"The Savior banished from His life any influence that might take His focus away from His divine mission..."

There are two things I don't want to say when I reach the other side:

1) I wish I would have enjoyed that more

2) Oh, that was what I was supposed to do down there? 

As we go through this journey called life, there must be a reason.  Why is it that I am in this spot today versus another location?  Why is it that I have the children that I have while others struggle. 

There is a plan.  It is called the Plan of Happiness.  And within that grand plan there is an individual plan for each of us. 

You are a part of that wondrous plan that was presented in the premortal realms. Your coming to the earth now has been anticipated since the plan was accepted. Your position in time and place is no accident. Your “exceeding faith and good works” ( Alma 13:3) then has laid the foundation for what you may accomplish now if you are faithful and obedient. You are God’s precious daughters, and you have a great work to do. In order to accomplish your divine mission and live the plan of happiness, you too must be steadfast and immovable “at all times and in all things, and in all places” ( Mosiah 18:9).
Elaine S. Dalton, April 2008

What are you doing to fulfil your mission today?  I am changing diapers, mopping floors, reading to my children, and making dinner for my husband.  I am reading and writing, studying His word and relying on His mercy when I fall short.  I am trying to listen to all He wants me to do.

Fulfilling our mission is just as Sister Dalton said, it is being steadfast and immoveable in all that we do.  Day by day moving forward, eagerly awaiting our time when we can hear, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."  


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