His Grace is Sufficient

Okay, so I don't know if Brad Wilcox had any inkling that the talk he was about to give would become monumental or not, but can I just say...


I was told a week or so ago that this talk would be the topic of our Priesthood and Relief Society combined meeting on Sunday.  At first I was thinking, "That is so great!  Everyone should read that talk."   Then, when I woke up Sunday morning I thought, "Wait!  How can we possibly sum up all that he said in a lesson.  The teacher's words and the comments from the students would not do it justice.  We might as well just give them all a copy and say, 'Read this.'" 

With these thoughts running through my head I was so elated and relieved when I saw that we were just going to watch the talk as the lesson.  It was even BETTER than reading the talk.  If you don't go away from reading or watching this speech with a clear and better understanding of grace in your life, you need to read and watch it again.  I have never heard anyone spell it out more clearly that yes, His Grace is Sufficient! 


  1. I read this a couple months ago when our stake president quoted it in stake conference. I'm going to have to make some time to watch it now. Thanks for sharing the video.


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