Celebrate Moon Day

Moon Day is Friday, July 20th
Here are some fun activities you can do to celebrate!

Music Appreciation:
Blue Moon - dare you show the scene from Grease?!?!
Moon River is probably one of my favorite songs out there! 

Mooncake - this is one of my favorite children's books.  I didn't even know real mooncake existed!  So, after you read the book you can serve up a yummy dessert

Moon over Manifest was the Newberry Award winning book for 2011 and would be a great book for older readers.  It's a story about a girl trying to discover her true identity by visiting the town in which her father had lived once upon a time. 

Draw pictures of the moon each night and discuss how it changes.
On Moon Day get out a telescope ('cuz I know you all have one getting dusty in a closet somewhere, right?)...OR just lay out underneathe the stars and watch the moon. 

Read about Neil Armstrong and their first flight to the moon.


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