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Once I had the pleasure of working with a group of swimmers and explained to them why we set goals and gave them a goal setting activity. After instructing them to write their goals on one side of the paper then draw them on the other side a student commented, "Everyone tells us to set goals, but no one had ever told me how."  Creative Systems will teach you how! 

- What would it mean to you and your family if family members were more focused on their talents and passions?
- What would it mean to you and your family to be more motivated?
- What would it mean to your family to if each person managed their time a little better?
- How would it feel in your home to have specific goals and plans to achieve them?
If these questions got you thinking, please consider attending our seminar. As I've worked with youth, families, athletes, performers, and small business owners, it's been a joy to see their lives change by making small adjustments. Consistent feedback I receive from clients are:

 "I'm accomplishing more than I ever have.''

 "My child manages their time wiser."

"I'm so much more motivated and stay focused on my goals."
Wouldn't you love to say those same things, or even better, hear them from your children? 

Michelle Withers is a mother of four amazing children.  She has homeschooled for eight years, has a degree from WSU in economics, and has served an LDS mission to Copenhagen, Denmark.  She has been teaching about goal setting and accomplishing ones dreams for over ten years and has managed and owned three successful businesses.  She says, "My true passion is helping others use their talents to their fullest and living a balance full life."

Michelle is from Washington State and will be traveling through Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California promoting her new book, Creative Goal Setting and Habit Forming.   We invite you to come and she what she has written and how it can help manifest miracles in your home. Visit for details on upcoming conferences and seminars.  

To win a free copy of Michelle's book, please make a comment below.  Followers here or on Google+ will be entered twice (so be sure to tell me if you are).  Pin her book and your name will be entered a third time! 
Deadline:  Friday, July 27th


  1. Michelle is terrific! I'd love to win a copy of her book (although if I don't, I think I'll be buying it soon!)

  2. I didnt know she had written a book. She never said anything to me. I also follow your blog and will now proceed to pin her book. It will be my first pin. Pam

  3. I would love to win the book! Always looking for ways to be more organized and motivate the kids

  4. Goal setting and habit forming? Definitely a topic I love to read about!! After this crazy summer I'll be ready to get back into some serious routines!


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