Book of the Week: A Joyful Mother of Children

I don't think I have featured this book.

The reason:  I read it so long ago.

And yet, this is the ONE book I would recommend to any young mother.  This book was given to me from my best friend just after having my third child (the oldest not yet three years old!) and it changed me.  That's the sign of a great book, don't you think?

I considered Linda Eyre my "virtual motherhood mentor" years ago.  I've since found mothers in my own circle to mentor me along, but at the time when I needed it, this book was a godsend.  It gave me purpose, direction and a vision for who I wanted to be as a mother. 

P.S. After reading this one, you also need to read her other book, I Didn't Plan to be a Witch!!


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