Your Mission: Motherhood

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I just stumbled upon the most fabulous article I've read on motherhood in a very long time!  And I wasn't even close to looking for a motherhood was just there, waiting and ready for me to read it!

There are times, as mothers, that we all forget why we are doing the things we're doing, why we are sacrificing so much, and if this is all there really is to love.  Well, just to entice you to read more, here are some gems...

"[The] ability and willingness properly to rear children, the gift to love, and eagerness, yes, longing to express it in soul development, make motherhood the noblest office or calling in the world.  She who can paint a masterpiece or write a book that will influence millions deserves the admiration and plaudits of mankind;  but she who rears successfully a family of healthy, beautiful sons and daughters, whose influence is felt through generations to come, whose immortal souls will exert an influence throughout the ages long after paintings shall have faded, and books and statues shall have decayed or shall have been destroyed, deserves the highest honor that man can give, and the choicest blessings of God.  In her high duty and service to humanity, endowing with immortality eternal spirits, she is copartner with the Creator himself."   - - President David O. McKay  - - 

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"Count as the cost...a mother who, in a moment of confusion, has forgotten that you learn to do by doing, you learn to be by being, that motherhood is an art to be developed through practice.  This art isn't easy to learn, but learn you can because as you strive, the Lord will bless you with growth, patience, wider understanding, and loving warmth for your family's special needs."

"...children are not a gift to us, but a precious loan, a priceless loan to be returned - - returned more valuable than when we received them, understanding more, better prepared to return to him who lent them to us.  The charge is our to increase their worth." 

Can you doubt your call any longer to be a "joyful mother of children" (Psalms 113:9)?


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