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I wrote up this article for the Washington Homeschool Organization newsletter....Enjoy!

Every year it seems the same cycle occurs. You look at the fall schedule and think, "The kids don’t seem to be doing that much, it shouldn’t be too bad." Then the ball starts rolling and rolling and rolling and BAM! A huge wall is hit as everyone realizes there is just no stopping.
The holidays pass and the deadness of winter settles upon you. After a hectic few months the quiet feels fabulous and you commit to never repeat another season like that again! You enjoy a couple of months when Spring activities start to take over and once again you’re rushing through, trying to tie up all loose ends that need to be finished before the end- of- year deadlines. Ahh…the breathing room of summer. And then comes Fall again, oh so quickly and you find your time being whisked away once again. Then comes the questions…Why do I homeschool anyway? This is supposed to be fun. How do we stop this snowball that seems to wax and wane faster than the moon? Is there a way to stay centered all year ‘round? As I travelled through "the cycle" this past year, I seemed to hit the wall much harder than usual. Having a sixth child thrown in the mix was the catalyst for me in recognizing that enough was enough! Something needed to change or I would no longer be a homeschooling mom.

The answer that came: Simplify. But not in the usual sense of the word.

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