I just have to share this blog post from Stand and Deliver.

Another reason I'm glad I homeschool.  But seriously!?!? 

You have to read it.  It will give you something intriguing to discuss this weekend!



  1. Wow. Our school doesn't even have buses, except for the kids who are disabled, so driving or biking/walking are our options. I drive them in the mornings and then they walk home safely with crossing guards. Something new to appreciate! (I should get a little something for those sweet crossing guards too!)

  2. That is CRAZY. I can't believe that. Our schools just got all their crosswalks updated - now they are striped and have reflectors running all the way across, and they are raised (like small speed bumps), AND in ADDITION to that there is a big lump on concrete running between the two lanes of traffic with tall warning signs sticking up! THAT is how a school crosswalk should be done!


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