Book of the Week

Great book for the beginning of the school year:

The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong

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 I think I've featured this book before...but it really is that good! 

I just started reading it aloud to my children this week and forgot just how good it was. 

Have you ever thought of the power of wondering about something.  We can ask questions or want to learn more about things, but the act of wondering has such a different meaning, don't you think?  Just the word wonder sounds more delighful than think about or question. 

Well, in this book the 6 kids in the school of Shora begin to wonder why storks do not nest on their little village when the birds make their homes on all the other villages surrounding them.  This wondering leads to discovering truths about many fascinating topics aside from storks and their habits.  This is a fascinating read about learning and all the excitment that can come from simply wondering


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