International Dot Day

September 15th is International Dot Day! 
Just the title of that day inspires all sorts of ideas in my brain!  :-)

Literature:  Discover the mystery genre with the Dot and Jabber series by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Math:  Dot-to-Dots.  Who doesn't love a good dot-to-dot puzzle? Find many puzzles here.  

You can also use dot candy for sorting, estimation, comparison, and simple math problems.  Or use the little dots to create dot-to-dot pictures of your own!  That would be way fun.  :-)

And one of my favorite math classics:  The Dot and the Line:  A Romance in Lower Mathematics by Norton Juster

Science: The Science of Music:  Dot Mixer.  This is a fun game your kids can play.   Be sure to click on the "What is happening?" link so you can read the scientific explanation behind the sounds you're hearing.  Be careful, this could get addicting!

Grammar:  The power of a period.  Learn what a period is and how it changes the meaning of the words we speak!  Write a bunch of words on pieces of cardstock.  These could be sight words, spelling words, words with a theme  (i.e. words used in fairytales, etc.)  Then, use DOTS candy as the period as you create large print sentences on your living room floor or kitchen table. 

Social Studies:  Max Lucado's You Are Special would be a perfect read for today.  It will open up a great discussion with your child about their strengths and weaknesses and those of others around them as well. 

Art:  Read The Dot.  Give your children a paintbrush and let them create!


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