A Call to Rise Up

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I wasn't going to talk politics anymore, but my mind is reeling today with all sorts of thoughts.  My sister called me just to see what I thought of the election and it just got my blood pumping as I talked about my feelings throughout the day.

This is the Lord's plan.  That's really all there is to it.  Either candidate winning would have caused some hardship among the LDS population  (again see Elder Nelson's quote from yesterday's post).   And so I find great faith and safety in the idea that this is what the Lord needed for His purposes to come to pass.  Honestly, I take this as a call for the righteous to become more righteous and a call to the wicked to repent.

Let's look at what's gone on in my own life this past month.  First, at General Conference we heard the prophet, President Monson declare the change of age for missionary service.  This statement signified that it is time to gather His people more quickly than ever before.  For me, personally, it called me to be raised to a higher standard in my home, preparing my own children for missionary work and to become stronger parents themselves.

Next, this weekend our community experienced a stake change.  We had two stakes combine to create a third stake.  It was very exciting to hear the General Authorities and those men recently called to lead in this area declare their witness of personal revelation and testify of the growth of the Lord's kingdom upon the earth.  Again, I was revitalized and encouraged to raise the bar, only this time in my own community.  Strengthening the stake in Zion right here in Richland.

Finally, the election this week.  I feel this election was yet another call to fortify my home.  Sean Hanity said something like this today, "We're talking about the government here.  You still have control over the values you teach in your home.  You still have the ability to raise your children any way you want to.  This is just an opportunity for you to ask yourself how you are doing in your own home to strengthen, teach and fortify your children."

As I have studied for my lesson this coming Sunday I recognize, too, that the one way I can personally strengthen my home and raise my children with fortified faith is to immerse them in the scriptures, teach them the doctrines of Christ, and help them make the word of God their foundation so they can withstand the afflictions that will surely come.

Elder Robert D. Hales has said, "We must remember that we have control over who we are no matter how difficult the world becomes. . . . Throughout all the wars of past century and the conflicts that rage today, Latter-day Saints survive because they hear His voice through the scriptures." 

So, to all you mothers out there worrying about your own children and the world they face ahead:  Be Strong!  Study the word of God personally so you can have the strength of His words behind you as you raise your children in "love and righteousness." And remember as President Monson declared so boldly, "The Lord is involved in the details of our lives."

I know He is.  I know there are great things happening and with those great things will come hardships.  It is ours to build up the kingdom, and we begin in our own lives and in our own homes.  This truly is the Lord's plan.


  1. Thank you for your encouraging words. We really need to step it up in our own homes and make them the way they should be to assist our children in being the best they can (and us too!)


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