World Kindness Week

'Tis the season to start spreading joy!

Remember the movie, Evan Almighty?  It's so cheesy and yet I do love the message (plus, it's one "safe" movie to watch with Steve Carell).  In the movie he talks about the ark standing for Acts of Random Kindess and how those acts of kindness can basically build a safety net for all of us to withstand the storms.

Well, this week is World Kindness Week sponsored by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  This week I thought I would take a moment each day to teach the kids about kindness and hopefully perform some act of kindness in our neighborhood or community. 


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Math:  Make a Difference....with subtraction! Discuss math vocabulary or work on some timed subtraction problems.  As you do so you can talk about the meaning of making a difference!

Science:  Here's a fun study to read about (and possibly reenact with your kids) on the Science of Compassion.  I recently wrote about how expressing heartfelt gratitude can raise the levels of serotonin in your system.  This is the happy hormone.  We all could use more of that, right?! 

Social Studies:  The article above led me to another idea:  Study different religious works on the idea of compassion and kindness.  For example, the 13 Attributes of Mercy for Judaism and The Good Samaritan for Christianity.  This would be a great time to discuss how there is some truth found in all religion and how we can be compassionate toward those who believe differently than we do.  
 Kindness Academy Awards
Throughout the week watch for the Acts of Random Kindness of your children  (don't tell them you are watching).  Then, at the end of the week highlight the things they did and hand out "rewards."  A friend of mine did this for Family Night and said it was so great to watch her kids' faces light up when they saw their good deeds were recognized. 


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