What to do with All That Candy??

image from flickr.com

I just had to smile today as I watched my kids completely obsessed with their candy.  In the past it's really bothered me, but today it was actually quite enjoyable.  And I cured the "candy wrapper issue" I wrote about a couple of days ago.  I simply told them if I found a wrapper they would pay me with a piece of candy.  They fessed up and paid up better than I expected...and I only had to "charge" them a few times.  It was fabulous!

We were all happy today because we used the candy for our math lesson today.  Here are some things we did or you can do:

** Candy Graph.  Sort, count and graph the candy by kind and/or color.

**  Estimate and Weigh.  Use a balance to estimate and then weigh your candy.  Create a math page of greater than & less than problems  (you can also do this with a kitchen scale as well, good for older children).

** Candy Lines.  Again, sort by kind of candy (chocolate bars, lollipops, licorice, boxes, little packets, etc.).  Have them line each kind up in a line and see which type of candy makes the longest line.  Measure and record your answers.

And then, of course, learning the art of persuasion and negotiation as the kids trade back and forth...All. Day. Long.


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