Who's it Going to Be?

Yesterday I sent my daughter to the websites I mentioned here.  Minutes later she ran into my room exclaiming, "Mom!  It would be so fun if we had an election for family night tonight.  We can put up posters and give speeches.  It would be so fun!" 

Well, I was planning a patriotic-type lesson anyway, so I said sure.  I didn't know what a fire would be lit!  I left for a lunch date and came back with posters all over the house.  My daughter, B (I found out later) even called my hubby at work 3 times and simply said, "Vote for B" and then hung up.  Great campaigning, don't you think? 

So, after a brief lesson on the Constitution and how we can be good citizens, we listened to each of their speeches on why they should be President of the Home for a day. 

JW (12) got up and pretty much brown-nosed the whole way.   I have to say, I was tempted to vote for him when he promised changing all of D's diapers for a day! 

B (11) was next with her plea for somewhat socialistic happiness.  Equal work, equal pay and the promise to "make you happy!"  :-) 

A (10) was the most surprising and well put together.  I didn't know she could write so well.   Here is what she had to say:

 If you vote for me I promise that I will make the Hathaway Home a happier place.  I will also make the Hathaway home run smoother in great peace, love and happiness.  To do this I will direct those having struggles.  For example, if people are fighting I will go and figure out a way for each person to be happy.  

I will also make sure everybody has an equal part in the dishes.  For example, the person who gets clean table for breakfast will get a harder job like sweep for dinner.  But I will also gaje (guage) jobs on age.  But that does not mean that the oldest will get a hard job both meals, it means that someone will help the younger ones.  For example, if you get clean table for breakfast your harder job for dinner may be load and help the younger ones clean an easier big dish.  

Now, when I said earlier in my speech I will make stuff even for cleaning, I was talking about myself as well  (big smile).  To create more peace in the Hathaway Home I will figure out a way to make mean teasing into goofy teasing and fun laughter.  

Thank you for listening and good luck voting!

In the end, our "Make Everybody Happy" child won this election.  And so, Wednesday she will be our president and lead our home.  Let's hope it does bring peace!   

Let's also pray today that whatever the outcome of today's real election will bring peace and happiness, the the leader chosen will uphold the constitution and remember the true foundation this country was built upon. 

God Bless America  & Best Wishes to the Candidates!  


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