Book of the Week: 100 Dresses

To keep in line with World Kindness Week , I chose to highlight The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

My girls and I just read this for our girls book group.  I LOVE this story.  It's short and sweet with an amazingly deep message for young girls to simply be kind toward others, to look outside themselves for those who may be without or lacking in some way.  A great read for the holiday season.

As our project we decided to make paper doll (with dresses) sets for the children's wing of the local hospital.  It would be great to have 100 dresses to donate, but we may not reach that.  At the beginning of next month we will go and deliver them all together.


  1. I read that book last year after Elizabeth's teacher read it to their class last year. I thought it was great!
    Making paper dolls is a fantastic idea.

  2. AHHHHH I love this book! Just like I love you.


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