Happy Pancake Week

This week is Pancake week!  
Our favorite way to celebrate is by making a different pancake recipe every day.  

Other fun activities to think about for this week:


Start with my favorite, The Pancake by Anita Lobel.  She is fabulous and this is a great fun story about a pancake who runs away and outsmarts a fox!

For the elementary-aged student this one is full of magic and fun.  Bring french culture into your home and have french pancakes (a.k.a. crepes) one day!

For the upper elementary age group you can also try The Dancing Pancake by Eileen Spinelli.

Round is a Pancake.  A basic way to introduce shapes to your young one, make different shaped pancakes.

"I'm a little Pancake"    
(Sung to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot) 
I'm a little Pancake, round and brown.
Here is my upside,
Here is my down.
When I am ready, take a bite,
Flip me over,
I’m a lovely sight.

Cool-Math-Games has a great math game to go along with our pancake theme.

Math brain challenge:  Three Pancakes

 Test the difference between the many recipes out there for the perfect Buttermilk pancakes.  This was fascinating to read and I really want to try it!  Also, you could just test regular milk pancakes against buttermilk pancakes and see what a difference they make, if any.  I'm learning that science is really all about asking questions and working to figure out the answers!  Maybe you could test the baking powder or salt content.  Why do you need salt, baking powder and baking soda in pancakes??  This really could be an all-day project!!

Read this simple article on the history of pancakes.  You could then choose one culture mentioned in the article to study further.

Fun and Games

Pancake toss 
Provide each child with a frying pan or plate and a pancake. Set a timer for 1 minute and see how many times they can toss their pancake back and forth to each other.  Team with the most tosses wins!



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