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Saturday, March 2nd

We all have our favorite Dr. Seuss book.  I have a few.  The only one I remember from growing up was The Cat in the Hat.  When my kids were younger I fell in love with Fox in Socks.  Later I recognized the value in his deeper books such as Diffendoofer Day and Oh, the Places You'll Go.  No child should grow up without Dr. Seuss!   Here are some fun ways to celebrate his day:

This one is obvious.  Choose your favorite or read them all!

Discuss the idea and purpose of using a pseudonym as an author.

Activity:  Have your child create their own Dr. Seuss-style book.  Once the kids are familiar with the general writings they could practically do this on their own!  Have the children create pseudonyms for themselves!

Just stumbled up on this great math site with some great activities to incorporate in your Dr. Seuss celebration.

Read the biography of Dr. Seuss.  Compare and contrast his actual life with the pretend life he led through his fabulous books!  How do you think his life prepared him to become such a writer?

Dr. Seuss wrote in magazines such as Life and Vanity Fair.  Find some of his old articles to read with the kids.  Have the kids then create a magazine article on the life of Dr. Seuss or on one of his books.

Explore the meaning of the phrase: "the thinks you can think" (from Mulberry Street).  Thoughts often led to some pretty amazing inventions.  Have the children choose an invention they couldn't live without and study the scientist behind that invention.  Then, have the kids come up with their own inventions!

Make Oobleck!!

Just for Fun
Watch your favorite Dr. Seuss movie!


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