Husbands Love Your Wives...

...And wives love your husband.  I don't talk a lot about marriage here.  However, at the adult meeting of stake conference a few months ago marriage was the theme of Elder Clark's talk.  It was fabulous. He gave us 5 things to work on within our marriages:

1) Involve the Lord

2) Money

3) Communication

4) Pride

5) Romance.... 10 kisses a day!

He said, "If the marriage isn't working, the family isn't working.  If the family isn't working society isn't working."  

I think I don't really like talking about my marriage.  I feel like the marital relationship is so much more sacred and private that I don't want to reveal all my weaknesses in being a wife where motherhood is just all about being real and out there in the open for me.  Because marriage is such a private and intimate relationship it's almost easier to compare ourselves with others than we do with motherhood because we see everyone "parent" but we don't really see what goes on between husband and wife.

I will say hubby and I have both been making strides in our relationship.  And yet 14 years of habit makes for a difficult struggle to make changes.  Any marriage can always be better, right?  Some maybe more so than others.  Elder Clark also said that "Marriage is the university to become like God."  And it's so true.  I think this is the one relationship in which I personally need to "put off the natural man" most often.

So, this may be why I don't talk marriage so much as motherhood on this blog.  I am in love with my husband and honestly wonder how I could have found such a perfect match for myself.  But it is the most intimate relationship, the one you'll have for the longest period of time on the earth, and the one that will continue after this life.  I guess it should be the one we work on the most!


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