My Sister

Today is my sister's birthday.

I think we all look back at our childhood years and think of at least one person with a great impact and influence.  When I was little I loved being Andrea's sister.  Why?  Because she had the best clothes and they were all handed down to me!  :-)  I always thought she was the coolest person. 

Ad was the one who helped me through my first year of college.  She's the one who..... 

taught me
 how to wear makeup

validated my "love a different 
guy every week" emotions,

 dyed my hair a hideous 
orange color.  :-)  

and inspired me even more than 
I already was to be a great mother.

I remember calling with multiple questions when my kids were really little, just knowing she'd have the answers.  When she is filled with confidence the room just lights up!  Her laughter is contagious and she has a great love for her children.  

From her I've learned....

Everyone makes mistakes
but repentance is real.

To love those placed in your path

Life is full of good times (she makes me laugh!)

Nothing is impossible with the Lord!!

Happy Birthday, Addie!  
Just remember:  
"They're not wrinkles, They're crinkles" 
(Mirror, Mirror)


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